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In order for each Organization to achieve its objectives, the right and qualified personnel would have to be at the right desk and with APEX-HR recruitment module HR managers will be able to find and hire these personnel using the same set of business rules. APEX-HR can help locate the right resource by scanning through a database of applicants, locate and make recommendation about who should be in the organizations employment


APEX-HR captures and maintains very detailed information about each organization’s employee’s ranging from personal bio data through to salary, leave, appraisal, assets professional membership, institutions attended, skills.

APEX-HR is quite flexible and easy to use such that from the main employee functionality users can navigate and have a 360 degree view of the employee and all other related information.


APEX-HR is built on a Master-Master architecture that allows the system to process payroll for millions on employees in few minutes.

APEX-HR Payroll leverages on the flexible definitions made by each organization and then processes both statutory and non-statutory allowances, deductions and benefits and generates pay advices and other payment registers that would feed into other payment systems and internal book keeping systems in a straight through processing manner.

Employee Contribution (ESUSU)

APEX-HR is designed to automate standing orders like Personal Employee Contribution schemes, staff cooperative society contribution otherwise known as “ESUSU”. Even though this schemes are not directly under the purview of HR, APEX-HR provides a very solid instrumentation that can help employees manage this scheme and also empower HR department of an organization to remotely manage and monitor such activities.

Performance management

It is believed that every good organization should reward good employees that contribute to its success and also to discourage those not aligned with its objective not to hang around. APEX-HR allows an organization to define its objectives and measure the contribution of each employee by their job position in a streamlined fashion to ensure business rules are enforced across board.



Organizations can define their training schedules based on their budget and employees can enroll for training based on approvals, pre-authorizations or even nominated as fallout of appraisal or a precursor to promotion using APEX-HR.

Self Service

As we all already know that more than ever before, HR managers seek to bring their employees much closer to HR department and to also make the office a paperless environment.

Self Service concept has been designed to decentralize all forms of requisition, approvals and to minimize all the effort that goes into pushing papers around and having approvals waiting in managers queues.

Workflow and Alerts

APEX-HR is built on its own propriety business process and alert engine that helps enhance the operations of an organization and reduce the turnaround time in processing of HR work items across the entire organization. Each organization will define its business process for all the sub modules in APEX-HR based on their policy.


APEX-HR has integrated with it an industry standard report writing tool with which standard and custom reports can be generated. APEX-HR is self-auditing in the sense that information is not purged from the system, and that means that historical and current information are available in presentable formats.


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