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Maximizing return on investment (ROI), from the asset base, requires effective management that connects an organisation’s assets with the rest of the business. Osprey Zenith's Asset and Service Management solutions provide, asset-intensive organisations, with the ability to integrate strategic planning alongside operations, maintenance and capital decision-making. Lower operating costs, increased productivity, and eased regulatory compliance pressures, are just some benefits attained through our Asset and Service Management solutions.

Client Challenges

To compete in a rapidly changing marketplace, organisations need to balance their costs with ROI. Numerous challenges need to be addressed to achieve this, including:

  • Minimizing total cost of operating and maintaining assets in a highly competitive market environment
  • Increasing production reliability, quality, labour efficiency and operational integrity
  • Facilitating and complying with increasing environmental, safety & health regulations and reporting requirements
  • Enforcing license policies for compliance with internal and regulatory requirements
  • Performing seamless integration of physical assets with the IT infrastructure

What Osprey Zenith Provides

Osprey Zenith, through its Asset & Service Management Centre of Excellence, offers an intuitive business paradigm that maximizes ROI and reduces cost of ownership. Our service offerings in this section include:

  • Enterprise Asset Management: Osprey Zenith’s Asset and Service Management solutions focus on facilitating the management of all enterprise assets on a single platform, allowing organisations to improve operational efficiency and attain maximum ROI.
  • IT Service Management: Effectively manage critical IT processes and control the entire asset life cycle with Osprey Zenith's IT Service Management solutions.

Business Value

Osprey Zenith collaborates with clients to help them attain numerous advantages, including:

  • Complete control over critical enterprise assets, through a single platform
  • Increased return on investment and service levels, with simultaneous decrease in cost and risks
  • Scalable service oriented architecture, allowing for greater adaptability to dynamic business requirement

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