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Strategic business process transformation helps high-performance organisations attain and maintain business growth. However, competing in a dynamic business environment places immense pressure on organisations. Leveraging technology solutions to optimise critical functions assists organisations in streamlining business processes and simplifying change management. Osprey Zenith understands the impact of strategic IT infrastructure and of extracting maximum value from it. Our comprehensive Enterprise Application solutions enable organizations to enhance business performance and maximize return on investments (ROI), while keeping their business agile.

Client Challenges

Attaining key organisational goals requires organisations to successfully resolve some challenges such as:

  • Improving decision making to increase adaptability to dynamic market conditions
  • Driving profitability while keeping costs and risks to a minimum
  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Improving customer service to enhance customer acquisition and satisfaction

What Osprey Zenith Provides

Osprey Zenith offers a comprehensive Enterprise Application solution that drives business performance. Our service offerings include:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite - Implementation, Upgrade & Support
  • IBM Software Suite-
  • PeopleSoft - Advisory & Consulting, Implementation, Support, Testing, Upgrade And Shared Services
  • Siebel - CRM Consulting, Implementation, Upgrade And ASM
  • SAP - Audits, Implementations, Upgrades, Support And Shared Services

Business Value

All Osprey Zenith Enterprise Application solutions are supported by a team of experienced subject matter experts (SMEs) and consultants who bring invaluable domain and cross industry experience to our customers. Clients attain significant benefits from:

  • End-to-end offerings including consultancy on legacy systems and required applications
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership
  • 20% reduction in implementation time-lines using Osprey Zenith’s jumpstart tools and solution accelerators
  • Delivery excellence with proven experience
  • Standardised processes based on industry practices

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