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Rapid growth of information exchange in organisations has complicated internal management of IT. Ensuring availability to end-users and compliance are other challenges that organisations have to overcome. Osprey Zenith's Managed IT Services enable organisations to focus on their core business strategies, while we manage and optimise their IT operations. Our services ensure scalability of IT operations to keep pace with business growth, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Client Challenges

A dynamic business environment throws up many challenges, such as:

  • Adapting to changing market conditions, while keeping costs to a minimum
  • Managing complex, growing IT infrastructure
  • Handling technology upgrades and consistent security threats

What Osprey Zenith Provides

Osprey Zenith, with its dedicated MITS Centre of Excellence (CoE), provides solutions that are based on our global delivery model, enabling round-the-clock productivity. Keeping standard processes and policies in place, our MITS offerings include:

  • Server support operations - management and operation of all server environments
  • Service management - facilitating control of overall operations through implementation of standard IT processes & policies
  • Asset management - support for infrastructure deployed in IT Asset Management with optional features
  • Network security - support services such as data networking, network management, network monitoring and voice support
  • End-user services - support at different levels for centralized customer desk and distributed client support services

Business Value

Osprey Zenith’s consultative approach to providing Managed IT Services generates significant value for clients. Some key benefits include:

  • Lower related costs, through creation of sustainable policies
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • 'Round the clock' comprehensive support along with on-demand software
  • Greater efficiency in processes and operations

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