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IT sourcing is becoming ever important for organisations, which are under pressure to reduce costs and transform key operational areas. Even where progress has been made with outsourcing, boards are now looking for more. The IT leader will be held accountable for driving increasingly complex levels of change and sourcing is a way of achieving this objective.

Sourcing IT has not proven to be the one-size-fits-all solution that many hoped, and getting the right advice is not easy. At Osprey Zenith Consulting, it is about your business agenda, not the sourcing transaction or technology solution that is at the forefront of our mind. 

At Osprey Zenith Consulting, we think differently about sourcing.  We have experts with international sourcing programmes experience, focused around our shared services and outsourcing centre of excellence. We combine our extensive knowledge and insight to provide independent consultancy, underpinned by the highest ethical standards, to help our clients achieve the right sourcing solution for them.

Client Challenges

Modern day IT environment throws up many challenges, such as:

  • Recruiting competent IT professional
  • Increasing cost on maintain adequate IT staffing levels at all times
  • Developing long term IT strategy for the organization
  • Ever changing IT systems and knowledge base
  • Rapid applications, software and hardware deployment

What Osprey Zenith Provides

Osprey Zenith has the relevant skills and experience to guide you through the entire sourcing life-cycle from strategy definition to delivery and beyond as follows

  • Devise and execute the right IT sourcing strategy for organizations
  • Work with client to develop transparency in understanding the commercial and operational realities to balance cost and risks.
  • Incorporate IT service management bringing client’s perspective of IT’s contribution to the success of the business.

Business Value

Osprey Zenith’s consultative approach to providing Managed IT Services generates significant value for clients. Some key benefits include:

  • Lower related costs through outsourcing when specific IT related projects are to be executed
  • Savings from constantly having to  re-train permanent staff on current and emerging technologies
  • 'Round the clock' comprehensive support along with on-demand software.

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